repurposing as a part of your recycling efforts

4 Tips To Help You Get More Money Recycling Valuable Scrap Metals

If you have metal that needs to be disposed of around your home, you may be able to find a small fortune by selling it. There are some things that pay to take a closer look at before taking them to the dump. You can find valuable metals in things like old swing set frames, car parts and even in construction materials taken from your home during renovation projects. If you want to get more money from your scrapping efforts, here are some things that you will want to know before you recycle metal:

1. The Hidden Value In Non-Magnetic Steel Materials

There are many different types of steel, which can sometimes be galvanized or stainless steel. These are materials that are resistant to corrosion, so you will not see rust. Galvanized steel with have magnetic properties, and it is worth the same price as ferrous metals. Stainless steel can be more valuable and often will not have magnetic properties. Stainless steel is also worth more, so you will want to be sure that you separate any stainless steel you find.

2. Aluminum Materials You Can Easily Mistake For Steel

Aluminum is used for manufacturing all sorts of lightweight objects. It can be found in some places you may not expect, such as compact car transmissions or motors. Things like silverware, soda cans, pipes and conduits can also be made from aluminum. Sometimes, these things may be thrown in the scrap steel pile, but you will want to look more closely and separate the non-ferrous aluminum objects. This aluminum is work a lot more than steel.

3. That Small Object That Is Heavy May Be Valuable Lead Scrap

Many objects are made of lead too, which is very valuable. It can be found in construction debris like old shower pans and plumbing fittings.  It is also used in old telephones, fishing and scuba diving equipment. If you have something that seems to be heavy for its mass, it may be lead and should be put in a separate pile.

4. It Will Pay To Separate Parts And Fittings From Any Assemblies

It also pays to separate different types of parts and fittings from assemblies. This can be aluminum parts from a car, or wiring from appliances. The fittings on pipe connections can also contain different types of metals, like brass, in which case they could be valuable and should be separated.

These are some tips that you will want to know before you begin a metal recycling project. If you have metals that you want to recycle, contact a scrap metal service like Full Circle Recycling to get the latest prices on the metals you want to bring in.