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4 Easy Ways To Get Your Kids Enthusiastic About Recycling

When you and your spouse take the time to carefully divide your household waste and recyclables, it can be frustrating to see that your child has simply tossed a soda can into the garbage. You shouldn't get upset with your child for throwing things away; it's better to take the effort to make recycling a fun priority in your household. Although it's best to tailor your approach to the age of your children, it's easy to emphasize the benefits of recycling and make the process fun for everyone. Here are four ways to get started.

Practice Makes Perfect

Turn the process of recycling into a fun learning experience by setting your various recycling bins and one garbage pail in the backyard, and then making a pile of several common household items -- including recyclables and non-recyclables. For example, gather glass bottles, soda cans, newspapers and some general household waste. Create a friendly competition by asking each child to sort the items into the correct receptacle as quickly as possible, and then go through the results together. This game teaches your children what to recycle and what to throw in the garbage, but in a fun way that makes them encouraged to keep it up.

A Personal Touch

An adolescent who understands how to recycle might occasionally forgo doing so if it's not convenient at the time. Instead of insisting that your children take their bottles and cans down to the garage, make recycling easy by giving each child a personal-sized blue box in his or her room. Just as your children have garbage cans in their room, a conveniently located recycling bin takes the effort out of recycling.

Real-Life Experiences

It can be difficult for children to visualize the importance of recycling, so head outside the home and visit your city's recycling center to allow your children to see how the recycling process works. Likewise, you can visit a landfill and stress the importance of diverting items from the large pile that stands before you. Another valuable educational tool is watching online video clips or documentaries about waste and recycling. Obviously, it's important to tailor what you watch to the age of your children; for older children, a documentary that explains the garbage crisis can be enough to encourage recycling.

Lead By Example

Do your part to encourage recycling in your household by practicing what you preach. Always make an effort to recycle what you can and be enthusiastic about the process -- after all, your seemingly small actions help the planet. Express your excitement when you drag your recycling bins to the curb for pickup and praise your family for the small amount of household waste you create each week.

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