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Learn How To Manage Three Issues That Can Arise With Your Trash Cans Throughout The Week

Getting your trash hauled by a hauling company allows you to simply pull your trash can to the curb and it hauled away, rather than having to lug it to the dump on your own. Many hauling companies only come to collect the trash once a week, and a few issues can arise when you have to store it outside of your house for a week at a time. The following guide walks you through the best way to deal with three major issues that arise when only having your trash collected once per week.

Limited Space

When you hire a hauling company to haul away your trash, they often supply you with one or two trash cans for you to store your garbage bags each week. The cans are only so big and if you have a large family, they can fill up very quickly. The best way to make the most of the space you have available is to crush any cans and bottles that you need to throw away. Take any boxes and break them down and store them next to your trash can until garbage day arrives. You can then lay the broken down boxes on top of your other trash in the can for quick and easy disposal.

If you have an especially big project coming up, one that will require a lot of extra space for trash, contact a company like Waconia Roll-Off Service and rent a roll-off dumpster.

Mess Makers

Since trash cans serve as storage for the scraps that are left over after dinner, they can often attract raccoons and possums who are looking for a quick bite to eat. The mess makers will completely flip your trash can on its side to get to the treats stored inside. To keep the pests away, pour ammonia inside of each garbage bag before you tie it up to throw it away. The ammonia creates an odor that seems pungent and vile to the pests so that they will not be attracted to the items inside of the bag.

Disgusting Odors

Even after your trash can has been emptied, it can often smell horrible because of the liquids that often leak out of the bags into the bottom of the can. During hot summer days, the liquid inside can often heat up and make the smell even worse. To keep the smell at bay, wash your trash can the day it is emptied. Line the bottom of the trash can with a layer of newspaper and then a layer of scented dryer sheets, and then another layer of newspaper. The newspaper will absorb any liquids, while the dryer sheets will let off a sweet aroma when the can heats up.

These three tips will make dealing with your garbage a little bit easier. All of these tips are easy to do and can really make an impact on the way you manage your trash each week.