repurposing as a part of your recycling efforts

Cans For Cash: Why Are You Giving Them To The Trash Man For Free?

You might not realize just how much money you're throwing out each week, every time you take your trash can to the curb. Aluminum cans have a value that many people simply aren't aware of, and even more don't know how to capitalize on. With a little effort and a bit of your time you can turn the soda cans you throw out into a handful of folding money on a regular basis, to do with as you please.

Understanding Pricing

Like most scrap metal, aluminum is priced based on a commodity market rate, which fluctuates daily as trading goes on. Scrap buyers use this as a guide by which they can set the price they're willing to pay to you for each pound you turn in. Taking a moment to review the current market value of aluminum scrap will give you some idea of what the real value of those cans you're throwing out actually is.

Of course, scrap buyers have to make a profit too, in order to stay in business. This means that you should anticipate being paid roughly half the market price per pound for your cans. That might not seem like a lot, but remember that this is essentially money that you would otherwise be throwing out anyway. Even if it's not something you personally would be willing to commit the energy to, it does make for an effective way for your kids to augment their allowance.

Maximizing Your Payout

While you definitely can just throw empty cans into a container and take it in to a scrap buyer every few weeks, there are some ways to make sure you're getting the most return for each trip. Start by crushing each can to make sure it takes up the least amount of space possible, which will give you more room for cans and more total weight per container. You can also contact local scrap buyers to find out if there is a price modification for crushed versus uncrushed cans, since you're doing part of their work for them.

It can be tempting to make a trip each week, but the time and fuel spent might make it inconvenient for you. Instead, wait until you have several bags full in order to make it worth your while. You can also time your trips to the scrap buyer to coincide with up-swings in the market price of aluminum, so you're getting a better price with a larger load.

Whether your trash service includes a recycling bin or not, throwing out your cans with your weekly garbage is still wasteful. Take the time to contact scrap buyers near you, like Main Street Fibers, to find out what the current rate is, and what other scrap metals they buy. You might be surprised just how much your junk really is worth.