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How To Treat Your Waste Compactor

If you have recently purchased a waste compactor or just moved into a home that has one, then you will need to educate yourself on how to take care of it and what things you should avoid doing that can damage it. This article will provide you with the information you need on properly maintaining your waste compactor.

Clean the waste compactor regularly

You should make thoroughly cleaning the compactor part of your monthly routine. If you let it go too long between cleaning then you can find yourself dealing with a hard-to-clean and smelly problem. The best way to clean your compactor is to use a strong bacteria-fighting cleaner and degreaser. Use a clean, damp rag to scrub the platform and other parts that come into contact with the trash you put in it. If your compactor has a filter then you also need to replace this once or twice a year. 

Know what items you can put in the waste compactor.

Generally, just about anything that you would normally put into your waste basket can be put in the compactor. However, some models aren't able to compress glass, so you will want to recycle your glass bottles and jars or dispose of them in another way. If you do have a compactor that takes glass, you still want to be sure that the glass isn't put in the bottom or near the sides of the compactor or there will be an increased chance that the person who empties the compactor may get cut on pieces of glass.

You also don't want to put oils and other types of liquids that can leak all over into the compactor. Pieces of wood should not be put into a waste compactor because the wood can become splintered and this can lead to damage to the compactor's motor, as well as other parts. Meats and other food known to rot should also not be put into the compactor, or you run the risk of it developing an odor. In many instances, you can put these items down your garbage disposal instead.

Now that you have a better idea of how you should be treating your waste compactor, you can count on it working correctly for longer. You will also find that following this advice will also cut down on the other problems you can experience, such as bad odors that become difficult to get out of your kitchen area. If you're interested, click the link to learn more.