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Dumpster Rental Tips: 3 Things To Keep In Mind During The Winter Season

While you can try to put off a home improvement project until summer, you may just have to move forward with it during the winter. There are also businesses that need roll-off dumpsters in their parking lots year-round. Whatever the case may be, if you have a dumpster that you have to deal with during the winter, there are a few things that you need to know about using it during these cold, wintry months to ensure that everyone is kept safe and sound and that your pocketbook doesn't suffer unnecessarily:

Keep the Area Around Your Dumpster Clear of Snow.

It doesn't matter whether your dumpster is in a company parking lot, on a construction site, or in your residential driveway, you need to ensure that the area around it and leading to it is kept free from snow. This is for more than one reason. For one, this will ensure that you can get materials to the dumpster with no problem. For two, it will make it much easier for the driver to deliver and pick up the dumpster with little to no issues. All in all, it minimizes safety hazards for everyone involved.

Cover Your Dumpster with a Tarp or Keep It Closed.

Your dumpster rental comes with a few restrictions. For example, you cannot put certain items in your dumpster, such as car batteries, tires, etc. If you do, you'll be charged a fee. A fee will also be charged if you go over the weight limit that was outlined in your rental agreement. Snow and ice can weigh a lot, so it is important that you take the necessary steps to keep weather elements from getting inside your dumpster along with the other debris. To do this, keep the kid closed whenever it is not in use. If it does not have a lid, cover it with a tarp.

Melt the Ice.

Since you will be making regular trips to and from your dumpster, it's a good idea to create safe pathways. You don't want you or anyone else getting hurt as you wheelbarrow debris. So make sure that you clear the snow around the dumpster area and put some rock salt on the ground, which will help to melt the ice away. It may also be a good idea to protect the fasteners and latches to keep them from freezing, which can make them hard to open. If they do end up freezing, hand sanitizer may be a good solution to thawing them out so that you can get them to open. It has been known to work well with car locks, so it may work with dumpster latches.

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