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Materials & More: Intro To The Modern Drop-Off Recycling Center

In many larger cities, recycling services are provided on a curbside basis. Basically, this means that customers can place the recyclable materials by the curb and wait for them to be picked up. However, in smaller locations, this kind of recycling service is just not feasible because the cost of the operation does not offset the level of equipment and staff necessary. Therefore, installing a drop-off recycling center can be a good solution. Drop-off recycling services centers are small locations where residents can simply drop off their recyclable materials. While these centers can vary from place to place, there are some things you should know about them in general.

Not all drop-off recycling centers accept the same kind of materials.

Before you head to a drop-off recycling center to take in your recyclables, make sure you give them a call or look them up online to find out what it is that they accept. The majority of places do accept the basics, such as paper, glass, and plastic, but some of the smaller operations will only accept something like plastic, glass, or aluminum cans. Likewise, some places will be set up to accept a wider range of recyclable materials. Those that have a streamlined setup, which is basically one receptacle for all types of materials, will usually accept a lot more of a variety. 

Some drop-off recycling centers are basically just a receptacle on wheels.

Do not be at all surprised whenever you get to the drop-off recycling center location if you find nothing more than an enclosed receptacle on wheels where you place your items. To keep costs as low as possible and still provide recycling opportunities in a community, many places choose to go with portable drop-off recycling setups. These setups are convenient because when the receptacles get full, the trailer can be hooked up to a truck and pulled somewhere for emptying.

Most drop-off recycling centers will not pay you for the things that you drop off.

One thing that you should expect whenever you take your items to a drop off location for recycling is that you will not be compensated for what you drop off. Most of these locations are specifically designed to accept recyclable materials, but most will not pay you for what you are bringing in. For example, if you have aluminum cans, it would be better to take them to a scrap metal recycling center if you are looking to get a payment for your cans.