Cans For Cash: Why Are You Giving Them To The Trash Man For Free?

You might not realize just how much money you're throwing out each week, every time you take your trash can to the curb. Aluminum cans have a value that many people simply aren't aware of, and even more don't know how to capitalize on. With a little effort and a bit of your time you can turn the soda cans you throw out into a handful of folding money on a regular basis, to do with as you please.

3 Ways Recycling Can Actually Benefit And Add Value To Your Business

Before you start letting employees toss everything into the trash, you should first check your local laws. In many jurisdictions, it's a legal requirement that you recycle. Even if your municipality doesn't mandate it, you should recycle anyway. It's the right thing to do, but it can also help you in ways you might never have considered. 1. Presenting Your Business in the Best Light What do you think of a business that recycles?

Learn How To Manage Three Issues That Can Arise With Your Trash Cans Throughout The Week

Getting your trash hauled by a hauling company allows you to simply pull your trash can to the curb and it hauled away, rather than having to lug it to the dump on your own. Many hauling companies only come to collect the trash once a week, and a few issues can arise when you have to store it outside of your house for a week at a time. The following guide walks you through the best way to deal with three major issues that arise when only having your trash collected once per week.

Clean Your Home, Clean Your Mind

The physical health benefits of cleanliness are well documented throughout the world. Decreasing and preventing problems such as rat infestations, roach activity, and rodent nuisances are often eradicated by a thorough cleaning of a home. However, cleanliness has a soothing effect on the mind as well. The following two aspects of cleanliness can help you understand the power of cleanliness and get you motivated to clean the areas you live and work in for the sake of your mental health.

The Correct Way To Recycle Cardboard

Recycling cardboard seems like a no-brainer: You flatten the boxes and put them in your recycling bin next to your garbage disposal items, and you are done. But even after all these years of recycling practice, you are probably still getting cardboard wrong. Seventy-seven percent of cardboard is recycled, but the other 23% can be problematic, and each recycling center has its own rules about what items they will accept.

4 Easy Ways To Get Your Kids Enthusiastic About Recycling

When you and your spouse take the time to carefully divide your household waste and recyclables, it can be frustrating to see that your child has simply tossed a soda can into the garbage. You shouldn't get upset with your child for throwing things away; it's better to take the effort to make recycling a fun priority in your household. Although it's best to tailor your approach to the age of your children, it's easy to emphasize the benefits of recycling and make the process fun for everyone.

Preserving Military Career Documentation

Proof of military service and events that happened during your career can have many uses throughout the rest of your life. From qualifying for jobs with military-related requirements to seeking medical assistance, your service record, medical record and dental record can be powerful allies--or a devastating loss in the event of theft, a fire or other disasters. Before sending your records away for government storage or putting them in the attic, consider a few reasons for keeping a reliable document storage backup.

4 Tips To Help You Get More Money Recycling Valuable Scrap Metals

If you have metal that needs to be disposed of around your home, you may be able to find a small fortune by selling it. There are some things that pay to take a closer look at before taking them to the dump. You can find valuable metals in things like old swing set frames, car parts and even in construction materials taken from your home during renovation projects. If you want to get more money from your scrapping efforts, here are some things that you will want to know before you recycle metal:

3 Steps to an Effective Office Paper Recycling Program

Offices use a lot of paper every day. Most of the paper is used only once in a meeting or as a flier to convey information and is never looked at again. In order to reduce the amount of waste that a office produces, it's important to recycle this nonessential paper. However, creating a recycling program and making sure that it's effective can be difficult. Follow these three steps to make sure that your recycling program is a success.